Graziano da Silva congratulates new Chair of the CFS

Santiago, Chile. October 28, 2011. FAO Director-General elect José Graziano da Silva congratulated Ambassador Yaya Olaniran, of Nigeria, for his recent election as Chair of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS).

Yaya Olaniran

©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

“The eradication of hunger is too big of a challenge for a single country or institution acting alone. I look forward to working together with governments, you, the CFS, the private sector and civil society organizations to advance in the promotion of the right to food,” said Graziano da Silva.

Olaniran was elected during the 37th Session of the CFS, held in October in Rome, Italy, for a two-year term.

Commenting on the results of the session, Graziano da Silva noted the coincidences between the recommendations of the CFS and his own proposals to fight hunger such as investing in small-scale farming and in local markets, recovering traditional food staples, empowering women, promoting greater transparency in international market and strengthening social protection nets, among others.

“There is a growing consensus on many of the proposals that are being discussed and that we need to work together to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty,” said the Director-General elect of FAO, who also thanked the previous chair of the CFS, Noel de Luna, for his leadership in the Committee.